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nima javan is in his studio and hold his paintingpainting

Nima Javan (b. 1986, Iran) is an artist based in London. His personal work is concerned with creatures and animals that have been identified in a new world with issues concerning life and human resistance. He depicts the Eastern world (Persian miniatures and carpets) as childhood memories in the form of animal characters in a modern and technological space.

Birthday Party painting. its 3 painting together

Most people think that this world is an objective reality. For example, a tree is just a tree, and there is nothing else beyond that which we know about its nature. However, our understanding of the world, its phenomena and beings are limited. Our understanding of an ant on a tree or our understanding of it as a human species can differ. If we accept that reality is a mental construct, we can imagine that the nature of the world is different from what we perceive every day from the moment we are born until the moment we die. There could be millions of living things that are impossible to comprehend.



Nima javan in the studio.jpg

In Nima Javan's works, the border between subjective and objective reality is removed.  He has broken his mental frameworks and limitations and started creating his own creatures with the help of visual language.  In creating many of his works, he has borrowed the structure of Iranian miniatures and carpet and used them as a platform to display his works.

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