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Healing: Commission for Refugee Week 2022

We’re thrilled to share the lead image for Refugee Week 2022, inspired by the theme ‘Healing’.

Commissioned by Refugee Week UK coordinators Counterpoints Arts, the illustration is by Nima Javan, a painter specialising in traditional Persian art and contemporary abstract art. Nima’s current work is inspired by ‘Persian miniatures’, using characters found in traditional paintings as well as his own creations. Originally from Quchan in North East Iran, Nima sought refuge in the UK in 2019.

If you’re holding your own event for Refugee Week, you’re welcome to use Nima’s image in your Refugee Week publicity, crediting ‘image by Nima Javan for Refugee Week’ where possible. You can crop the image if needed but we ask that you don’t change it in other ways – thanks!

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