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'Incredible world' Solo exhibition

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

On Tuesday 6th September the Willesden Art Gallery is launched my first solo exhibition in the UK.

The exhibition was on 6th to 17th September 2022 .

Willesden Gallery

95 High Rd, London NW10 2SF


Most people think that this world is an objective reality. For example, a tree is just a tree, and there is nothing else beyond that which we know about its nature. However, our understanding of the world, its phenomena and beings are limited. Our understanding of an ant on a tree or our understanding of it as a human species can differ. If we accept that reality is a mental construct, we can imagine that the nature of the world is different from what we perceive every day from the moment we are born until the moment we die. There could be millions of living things that are impossible to comprehend.

In Nima Javan's works, the border between subjective and objective reality is removed.  He has broken his mental frameworks and limitations and started creating his own creatures with the help of visual language.  In creating many of his works, he has borrowed the structure of Iranian miniatures and carpet and used them as a platform to display his works.

In this collection, Nima tries to connect the Eastern world with its traditional and cultural characteristics with the modern world. The modern society wich he lives whilst searching and returning to the cultural roots of the society that he grew up. It can be said that the artist's migration and circumstances in discovering the new society had a significant impact on the creation of this incredible world.

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