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Interview with Canvas rebel

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Nima, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today We’ve love to hear an interesting investment story – what was one of the best or worst investments you’ve made? (Note, these responses are only intended as entertainment and shouldn’t be construed as investment advice)

An artist’s best investment is to devote all of his time and energy to his work. When an artist is overflowing with ideas, it is a good time to invest in artistic capital that will bear fruit in the future. Furthermore, any cost that leads to the quality and improvement of the artwork is a purposeful and fruitful investment. The difference is that in the world of art, this process is slow and long-term.

Nima, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic nature of circus performances, I have incorporated the elements of rotation and movement into this artwork. The composition showcases a unique arrangement of Iranian carpets, symbolizing a fusion of cultural heritage and the concept of reimagining entertainment.

The painting serves as a commentary on our relationship with animals and the need for empathy and respect. By reversing the traditional roles, I aim to challenge the notion that animals exist solely for human amusement and commercial gain. Instead, ‘The Human Circus’ invites viewers to contemplate the ethical treatment of animals and consider alternative forms of entertainment that foster a harmonious and compassionate coexistence.

What do you find most rewarding about being a creative?

Being creative makes a difference and allows you to live in a variety of ways. Creativity alters the human thinking process and sometimes results in progress and uniqueness. An artist can make a difference in society with his unique attitude and unique and creative art products, and he can impress the audience and people with his uniqueness. I’ve always been interested in creativity and presenting creative works of art in art, and I believe it has had a positive and useful effect.

Are there any books, videos or other content that you feel have meaningfully impacted your thinking?

Albert Camus’s novel ‘Stranger’ had a profound impact on me. This book altered my outlook on life and its concepts. To live in the present moment, to make the best use of my time today, and to organise my work concepts around it.

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