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Interview with Jimon art magazine

1-Where do you reside and work currently? I have been living and working in Liverpool England since 2019.

2-How would you describe Nima Javan? A contemporary painter influenced by his surroundings who strives to make a valuable impact on society. I am inspired by the past and try to reflect the daily issues of life in my work.

3-When did you first start making art and what lead you to start? When I was twelve my mother gave me some watercolor and brushes and I painted a deer that was outside in its natural habitat. Then I started making animal sculptures with sponges. It all started subconsciously with the intense joy I had as a child. My parents and older brother encouraged me all the time.

4-Did you have any training for your art or is it inherent? I was studying illustration at university and the painting process began academically. Art classes I attended included graphic design, visual creativity, colorimetry, printing and graphics. These classes had a huge impact on my art. I experimented with all the types of art.

5-Best advice you ever received in regards to your art? To study and practice.

6-What influences you as an artist? What influences me is the feeling and excitement that it is possible to connect the inner self and subconscious mind to have specific, complex and organized composition to show the beauty of art.

7-You have a series of work that seems to be extremely intricate and time consuming. What is the origin of this work? My childhood growing up in Iran had a big influence on my art.Also twenty years of painting.

8-Why make art? There is no specific reason for why I make art, because painting is one of the main characteristics of human beings, the ability to create. An artist paints primarily to empty his inner self and his feelings. The purpose and function of art, in my opinion, can be to improve society and have a positive effect on the lives and spirits of others. It’s a kind of exchange of positive energy from one person to other. For the artist, only inner joy and calm can be enough.

9-How do you describe success as an artist?Success is the feeling of excitement and personal satisfaction I get from my art.

10-Do you have a place/person/thing that you visit for inspiration? Communication with artist friends, classmates and other artists. Also visit galleries and museums to see the works of great artists.

11-If you could have dinner with 3 artists living/dead who would be at your table?Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and George Baztlis.

12-Name three things you can’t live without in your studio?Paintings being worked on and painting tools.

13-How would someone find you on social media? on Instagram.

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