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Interview with london arts and health

At London Arts and Health we are looking to invite artists who work within a wellbeing context to have residency at our Central London hub. Our second artist is Nima Javan, who is a refugee artist based now in London. With his artistic skills he is bringing our office to life, using his unique painting technique to create a beautiful mural in the City Arts and Health Hub. We spoke to him to find out more about his background, his passion for arts and how he came to love and produce such wonderful artworks.

Nima is originally from the North East of Iran from a city called Quchan. In Iran he was a painter, an artist and a teacher of art. He started painting 22 years ago, when he was 12 years old. He then studied art for 10 years, he went to an art college and graduated.

His specialises in Persian art, abstract art and a combination of modern art as well as traditional, he uses his art to create character art designs. While he was in Iran his art mainly consisted of modern styles of painting but when he travelled it became more traditional as this style of art shows culture and lifestyle which he wanted to share with other people.

Nima has currently been in the UK for 2 years. He had been in Greece teaching art to children and also sold his work and made custom orders.

He was forced to leave Iran due to political issues and there was no freedom of expression when it came to his artwork. He has 4 brothers and he is the second son in his family. He misses his family but not his homeland as he enjoys travelling to different areas.

He hopes to use his art to show the issues people have in their lives, his characteristic art style is inspired by poetry and describes his art as spiritual. He also hopes to inspire people and show happiness by using sharp colours and tones in his work. He feels like himself when he paints, he describes it as being another part of himself.

His favourite places in the world are Rasht (a city in Iran) because he enjoys painting there. His current favourite place is the UK for its art and culture, he spent a lot of time in Liverpool and describes it as an artistic city and he had a studio there. His other favourite places are Athens as the people there are nice and the city has a great culture and Paris. One day he would live to visit New York.

Nima believes that childhood is important to hone artistic abilities, whether it’s crafting, painting, it helps an artist profession in their future as the art work Nima still creates came from his childhood, from his dreams and imagination as a child. He also believes that art is an experience, every artist has a specific style,whether it’s contemporary or modern, there are many styles but using their skills as an artist they can improve society. He hopes to be successful using his art and useful to society and influence others.

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